Makikihi School uniform is:

  • Navy blue bucket hat Term 1 and Term 4 (cap not suitable)

  • Navy blue polar fleece or sweater

  • Any style navy shorts/longs

  • A maroon polo top. These are available at Postie Plus and Makikihi School will organise the school logo to be monogrammed.

  • Footwear - any style, but this must be suitable for physical activity.

  • Navy blue sun hats (compulsory- Term 1, Term 4)

  • Hair longer than collar length should be tied back for Health and Safety reasons.

N.B. Room One children do not wear shoes in the classroom as they have learning activities and play on the floor. Parents/caregivers can be supportive by buying footwear which the children can manage independently e.g. Velcro straps rather than laces. Slippers can be brought to school for wearing inside the classroom. All children are asked to remove dirty footwear before entering the class rooms.

All items of clothing must be clearly labelled. Any items found in the school that are not labelled will be put in the lost property and at the end of each term will be removed.