· Makikihi School uses rich mathematical  activities that are meaningful and relevant to real life and engage learners.


· Reading and Writing to; with; and by; ensure excellent programmes are delivered.
· The ‘Talk to Learn’ initiative is incorporated into daily programmes.

Teaching Practice

· Learning intentions and success criteria are shared with the students.
· A variety of teaching methods and teaching tools are integrated into daily programmes to ensure individual learning styles and needs are being met.
· Our programmes include Information Communication Technology (ICT) experiences that are meaningful and relevant in today’s modern ICT world.
· On-going Professional Development for our teachers is evident through current effective teaching practices.

Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is a daily individual tutoring programme for six year olds who are under achieving in reading and writing.  It is designed to accelerate progress to enable them to cope in the regular classroom at a comparative level with their peers.  Each year, provided we have ministry approval to participate in the programme,  the school will allocate funding to run the programme which is supplemented by MOE funding allocations,


  • To provide a tutoring programme which will run concurrently with the child’s classroom programme.  This programme will be for half an hour daily on a one-to-one basis, in a teaching area specifically set up for the programme.
  • To deliver individually tailored reading / writing instruction to accelerate underperforming students in a programme of up to 20 weeks.
  • To deter students who are at risk of reading and writing failure when they turn six years, by means of the diagnostic survey, scores and other data.
  • To compile statistical data on the successes of the programme for a national database, and to keep accurate records for all students entering the programme.