Mobile Classroom Visits - Local Curriculum

Term 2 - We have visited

Wheat Farm

Hook Beach

Makikihi River and Beach

The Whitehorse

Chipmunks (End of Term Reward)



Both the senior and junior classrooms head off on separate school camps annually. Location and learning focuses for camps incorporate aspects relating to the school-wide long term plan. Age appropriate activities are organised and our camps are well supported by parents and caregivers.


Annual visits to the slopes and/or the ice skating rink have featured on our programme. These activities are very cost effective as a school group and provide the children with opportunities to learn these skills which they may not otherwise experience.


Discovery learning lessons are at times linked to the current topic and have engaged children in a variety of ways.  From hands on manipulation of materials, construction, designing puzzles, working with clay/ playdoh, knitting, painting, icing biscuits / cupcakes, running a cafĂ©/hair salon, puppet shows, and writing plays have been motivating and  engaging for children and has enabled them to write about their experiences in more detail. Using creative language to describe events has also been a major focus.  These hands on experiences have allowed children to discuss problems, share their ideas and transfer learning into other subject areas.  It also involves co-operation, tolerance and the over-riding goal reflects the values focus for that term.