The school is goverened by a Board of Trustees made up of parent and representitatives elected by parents every three years, the Principal and a staff representitive. The Board is responsible for running the school and overseeing educational aspects such as policy writing, finance and maintenance. The Board works closely with the Principal to make the environment as attractive and stimulating as possible, and to safeguard the welfare of the children. Board meetings are public and parents/caregivers are welcome to attend. 

The Board is constituted as follows:

Chairperson: Kat Tiffen

Principal: Tina Ivamy (Consititutionally a Board member) 

Staff Representative: Megan Fraser

Board Members:

Kat Tiffen, Justin Chittock, Benita Anderson, Sam Calder

​​​​​Minute Secretary: Diane Radcliffe

The Makikihi School Board of Trustees has a good balance of experience with members contributing wide-ranging skills and talents. They are very supportive of the children and staff, are reflective and in touch with the wider school community.